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Creating engaging and accurate original content for the innovation industries is our strength. Our team of medical and science writers have the domain knowledge and expertise to translate highly technical content into engaging digital material to reach a variety of audiences. We have both the writing and digital design skills to create complete suites of content, and we have the knowledge and understanding of how to operate in tightly regulated industries such as ASX listed companies and working with high impact scientific publications and embargoes.

Creating technical content requires domain expertise, which is where we excel.

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We deliver training and workshops across a broad range of social media topics. We can conduct one on one coaching with you, deliver interactive workshops as well as large scale lectures. All of our training and workshops are delivered through the lens of the STEMM sector that applies to the client. We bring our domain knowledge of these sectors to delivery highly specific and targeted training solutions.

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An online conversation is happening in your industry. How loud is your voice in this conversation? Is anyone paying attention? Our social media retainer helps your organisation meet its business and communications objectives. We help our clients with business development, growing their organisations awareness, becoming an online influencer at industry events and conferences,  and crowdfunding. We create content, including graphics for all of our clients based on the strategy developed. Retainer clients receive a monthly report, which analyses their social media.

The science of social media is not hard to understand, but optimising social media in STEMM industries requires specialist STEMM knowledge, influence and networks.

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Social media monitoring is time consuming, often confusing and tech focused, rather than people and impact focused. Sounds hard right? Our social media monitoring service allows you to monitor the dialogue about your brand and ROI across social media. We use a variety of licensed tools, as well as native analytics on all social media platforms to bring together a monitoring service that provides insight and specificity to ensure your campaigns and effort deliver on your communication goals and objectives.

ASX listed companies are recommended, under Guidance Note 8, to monitor social media.

Do you know what people are saying about your organisation? We do.

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We speak your language.

The science of social media is not hard to understand, but optimising social media in STEMM industries requires specialist STEMM knowledge, influence and networks. We live and breathe STEMM and life sciences. It’s the language we speak, and the area in which we love to work.

The right tools. The right solution.

Social media listening and audience research is critical in identifying where your target audience is most active on social media. Having this information ensures that the most appropriate tool is selected.

High impact content.

Creating high impact content in STEMM industries requires subject matter expertise and an understanding of industry codes of conduct and regulatory boundaries. Whether it’s long form copy for newsletters or infographics, we can translate your technology for any audience.

Our expertise as STEMM content creators.

Crafting long form blogs, opinion leadership, newsletter feature stories, translating scientific papers into patient and practitioner friendly articles is our bread and butter. Our team of scientific and medical writers have experience and domain knowledge across a variety of STEMM sectors.

Pictures speak a thousand words, and infographics are the visual language of social media breaking down complex content into meaningful messages. Our digital designers all have STEMM qualifications and are experienced visual communicators who understand the nature of social media platforms and the way audiences consume images.

Creative campaigns should be integrated across the communication and engagement spectrum, including traditional advertising, marketing, events and public relations. Social media must be integrated into communication and marketing campaigns and strategies. We can support you in aligning your social media content and engagement with broader communication goals and objectives across the marketing mix.

Creating engaging videos and animations supports the communication of complex and technical concepts, to tell patient stories, and support crowdfunding campaigns. Our video production team can help you to bring your project alive in a format that suits your audience and budget.

We’re here to help you navigate social media

and create engaging content.

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