A funny thing happened on radio in Dubai.

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The power of LinkedIn was demonstrated to me a couple of years ago. After speaking on Dubai drive time radio for the first time about the performance of the bio-tech sector in Australia, I was inundated with LinkedIn requests from sheiks and Middle Eastern investors obviously interested in biotechnology investment opportunities.

My organization has a big website that is updated almost every working day with a prominent contact us site and high weekly traffic. Not one inquiry following this show came via the web site, they all came via LinkedIn, about 40 of them – and I never even mentioned LinkedIn during the interview. A similar thing happened to me closer to home late last year after speaking at a conference for early career researchers. During my speech I noticed my phone was busily silently vibrating away with what turned out to be dozens of LinkedIn requests from people in the audience.

Again, I never mentioned LinkedIn, but it is clearly the connection of choice, not via the web site. Are you on LinkedIn?

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