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The science of social media is not hard to understand, but optimising social media in STEMM industries requires specialist STEMM knowledge, influence and networks.

The Social Science is a specialist digital and social media marketing and communications consultancy for Australia’s innovation technology industries, with a predominant focus on life sciences and health.  Our language, experience and networks are largely within professional sectors that are typically highly regulated and operate within reasonably complex technical or specialised environments and language. We have a clear vision as to how life science sectors can use digital tools and platforms, such as social media, to amplify and advance the profile of organisations and individuals.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

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Sophisticated strategies

We use in depth analysis to develop the right strategy for your objectives.

Informed Strategies

We create customised strategies to deliver to your communication goals based on in depth research and analysis on the digital environment and online audiences relevant to you.

Clever Content

Our content developers are experts in STEMM, life sciences, health, and innovation.

Complex Topics

We understand highly regulated and sensitive business and research environments. ASX disclosure, communication, and media monitoring rules, as well as therapeutic regulators and industry codes of conduct, are all familiar territory for us.

Impactful Design

No matter what screen size or device, your content will look amazing.

Looks Amazing

Your content design needs to communicate your key message across accurately and succinctly. Our team of digital designers create polished, professional, fast and shareable designs and images that amplify your message in images as well as words.

Meet Our Experts.

Michelle Gallaher
Michelle GallaherDirector
Healthcare and biotechnology are Michelle’s fields of expertise having worked in biotech start-ups, major teaching hospitals, research organisations and pharmaceutical companies throughout her 20+ year career. Michelle is the Victorian 2017 Telstra Business Woman of the Year.
Specialist Writer 95%
Training 95%
Social media 90%
Content Creation 95%
Digital design 80%
Dr Emma Gallaher
Dr Emma GallaherScience Communications Lead
Emma leverages her STEMM PhD to develop and implement integrated digital marketing strategies to achieve a variety of objectives, from growing awareness, to driving registrations at international conferences.
Specialist writer 80%
Training 70%
Social Media 80%
Content creation 85%
Digital design 90%
Dr Violeta Traicevski
Dr Violeta TraicevskiMedical/Science Writer
Violeta is an experienced project manager, trained communicator and researcher. She has a PhD in the life sciences (Zoology) and has experience in a variety of roles including: research, government science policy development, clinical research as well as science and medical writing.
Specialist writer 85%
Content creation 70%
Sasha Spelt
Sasha SpeltDigital Content Coordinator
Sasha is responsible for uploading content to our client’s websites. Sasha studies IT and has worked in tech support and web development capacities.
HTML & CSS 90%
Content Aggregation 85%
Warrick Gilbert
Warrick GilbertDigital Designer
Warrick excels in transforming complex and technical information into meaningful graphics for a variety of audiences. Warrick has a STEMM background, starting his career as an optometrist. His design and innovation qualifications include architecture, web design and CodeCore developer. He loves teaching people, repairing things and explaining how things work.
Digital design 90%
HTML & CSS 88%
Dr Anna Chen
Dr Anna ChenSocial media co-ordinator
Anna recently completed a Global Media Communications Masters at The University of Melbourne. Like the rest of our team, she too started in STEMM. She holds a PhD in Cancer Cell Biology which she completed at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. She is excited by new technology and the research scene, making her an excellent fit with The Social Science.
Specialist writer 90%
Content creation 80%
Social media 75%
Digital design 75%
Alex Barrington
Alex BarringtonScientific Writer
Alex is our resident science writer. Having grown up with a passion for science communication (and a poster of Carl Sagan on her wall), she completed two degrees to help propel her into this particularly focused field: a Bachelor of Media Arts at the University of South Australia and a Bachelor of Science (Genetics) at the University of Adelaide. Combining her innate creativity with a strong understanding of science, Alex is an invaluable team member and the go-to gal for communicating science to both the public and the industry.
Specialist writer 90%
Content creation 80%
Digital design 75%
PipSenior Office Dog
Pip the dog is experienced in loyalty and companionship, specialising in naps on her bed and begging for food. She has been enjoying walks for many years and posts about her adventures on her Instagram account.
Leadership 90%
Workplace Health and Safety 95%