Social Media Insights

October 18, 2016


Social media monitoring is time consuming, difficult and tech focused, rather than people and impact focused… Sounds hard right?

We make social media monitoring easy…

5 reasons to monitor social media.

  1. Monitor dialogue about your brand
  2. Crisis management
  3. Measure the impact of your social media
  4. Develop campaigns based on insight
  5. Foster client relationships

Are you a listed company?

ASX listed companies are recommended under Guidance Note 8 to monitor social media.



Insights and engagement report

  • Report delivered to your inbox monthly, fortnightly or weekly
  • Gain insights on two social media platforms
  • No set up fee*
  • $180 p/mth**
  • Receive specialised social media impact reports for $150 p/report
  • Help desk service



Report customisations


  • Receive customised alerts straight to your inbox in real time
  • $49 set up p/alert
  • $25 alteration fee p/request

Additional Platforms

  • Add as many social media platforms as you like
  • $40 p/mth per additional platform

Analysis & Recommendations

  • Report analysis with actionable recommendations
  • $660 p/report



Customised & specialised reports


Customised once-off monitor

  • Fundraising/crowd funding, events, conferences, special events, announcements – measure your #hashtag & $cashtag.
  • $180 set up fee + $25 p/alteration.

Specialised  social media impact reports

  • Report delivered to your inbox.
  • Quarterly $390 p/report.
  • Half-yearly $575 p/report.
  • Annual $880 p/report.

Sample report analytics


*No set up fee, minimum contract of 6 months, re-sign for 6 months & receive a quarterly report free, or 12 months and receive an annual report free.
**Alteration to monitor incurs a flat fee of $25.00 p/request


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