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October 18, 2016













Our retainer package can be fully customised to suit your needs.

Social media has shown the world what it means to be connected and a social media structure within a business is no different. It has introduced a brand new paradigm for marketing on a local, national and international scale and no one in business can afford to ignore it. The Social Science recognises that many clients have never purchased social media or influencing services before and may not know where to begin working with a specialist agency.

Social media will change 6 key elements of the way in which you communicate:

  1. Exclusive conversations becomes inclusive conversations
  2. Monologue becomes dialogue
  3. Reliance on media becomes we are the media
  4. Public relations and marketing becomes community engagement & social relations
  5. Selling becomes recommending
  6. Control becomes facilitation & empowerment

Organisations can effectively use social media to achieve the following 10 business outcomes:

  1. Promote your organisations’ activities
  2. Develop an engaging and ongoing open dialogue with an online community demonstrating a commitment to keep stakeholders well informed and building an influential support base.
  3. Position your organisation as an industry opinion leader
  4. Support and reinforce business development objectives.
  5. Be an industry advocate
  6. Capture market intelligence
  7. Establish a higher profile at conferences and international meetings
  8. Develop social media communication skills
  9. Improve the SEO and Google ranking for the your organisation web site
  10. Implement appropriate social media policies

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