LinkedIn Masterclass

October 18, 2016


Isn’t it time you started investing in your team’s digital communication skills?

LinkedIn is the most used social media platform in the Australian innovations sector. 88% of companies in the sector have a company page, but very few understand how to use the page to their advantage.



Optimise my personal profile

We operate in a professional world now where it is becoming essential to be on LinkedIn. Not only does LinkedIn provide the opportunity to showcase your experience, skills and knowledge, but it provides a tailored, industry specific news feed which you can harness.

Personal profile Masterclass outcomes

  • 5 must-have elements of an All Star profile
  • How to ask for, and give recommendations
  • Managing your connections
  • How to blog on your profile
  • Posting, commenting, sharing and liking
  • Managing your privacy


A two hour session where we will work on your personal or company LinkedIn profile with you, making changes as we go and demonstrating key features that you would like to master.

Price: $660


Optimise my company profile


A professionally set up and functioning LinkedIn company profile is a must have for all organisations and companies. If you’re going to choose one social media platform to be on, this is it.


Company profile Masterclass outcomes

  • Sponsoring content and advertising
  • Understanding native analytics
  • Gaining followers
  • Showcase pages
  • Creating and moderating LinkedIn Groups

Each LinkedIn Masterclass is targeted to the average user in your group, relevant to your industry. From the advanced to the beginner, we will build the skills of your team far beyond where they are today. Investing in their ability to generate leads, improve brand profile and create newsworthy content.

One half of the Masterclass format is dedicated to personal profiles, the second half is focused on company profiles, advertising, engaging and content creation.


A package of five hours to build your company profile including uploading of content, placement of advertising and sponsoring of content into key segments relevant to your organisation.

Price: $1,620


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