Man looking at analytics on tablet

Social media metrics: What do they all mean?

The native analytics on social media platforms are better than ever. With this elevated level of functionality, the capacity to critically assess the performance of your content, and understand your audience, has never been greater. If you’re new to social media analytics, it can feel like an entirely new language. To help decode this language,[…]

International BioFest 2016 Square

The Social Science are coming to the International BioFest 2016

Not only do we specialise in social media and digital marketing, but we are experts in the life sciences field. In fact, it’s our passion! This is why you’ll find us this month at the International BioFest, right here in our home town of Melbourne. We’ve even teamed up with AusBiotech as the official social media[…]

Social Media

Social media 101: A how to guide for academics and scientists

                        Whilst juggling your academic and research demands, you decided to add another string to your bow and jump on the social media band wagon. In no-time, the process of learning, refining and developing a respectable opinion leader portfolio on your chosen platforms will become[…]

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8 Reasons why your social media effort is not delivering a result

    You’re ‘doing’ social media, but it isn’t delivering results. We found there are 8 common reasons why this happens. Read on to find out if you’re making any of the same mistakes. Failure #1. You don’t have a plan Even if you don’t have the time nor passion to write a full-blown strategy,[…]

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I have a confession – It took me a long time to ‘get’ social media

I have a confession to make – I came to social media kicking and screaming. At the time I was the CEO of an industry association, typically worked a 12 hour day with breakfast meetings, after hours dinners and overseas conferences to attend. I was a full-time working (single) Mum with two young kids, trying[…]

LinkedIn for business

LinkedIn Basics: Company Pages vs Groups

You’ve probably heard about Groups and Company Pages on LinkedIn and wondered when you should use them, how to join and which to follow. LinkedIn is like Facebook for businesses. It is an excellent place to network professionally, to find employees and freelance workers, and to advertise your business. But to put it simply –[…]

LinkedIns Australian membership at 6 million

LinkedIn Basics: Personal Pages vs Company Pages

Let’s talk about your Personal Page on LinkedIn and when, how, and why you set up a Company Page. Personal Pages The long and the short of it is you need to have a Personal Page to have a Company page. So let’s start here. You need to have a Personal Page first, so that[…]

Michelle Gallaher on stage at TEDxMelbourne

TED Talks, Lucky Knickers and Big Leaps

Late last year I embarked on one of the biggest challenges of my personal life and professional career – getting on stage and delivering a TED talk. I’ve recently been reflecting on that experience and it’s been getting me thinking again about leaps, truth, trust and negotiation. I’ve always believed in practising what you preach[…]