International BioFest 2016 Square

The Social Science are coming to the International BioFest 2016

Not only do we specialise in social media and digital marketing, but we are experts in the life sciences field. In fact, it’s our passion! This is why you’ll find us this month at the International BioFest, right here in our home town of Melbourne. We’ve even teamed up with AusBiotech as the official social media[…]

Girls and STEM: let’s ban the phrase ‘I suck at maths’

Are you sometimes guilty of saying ‘Go ask your Dad, he’s better at maths than me’, when your daughter or son comes to you and asks for help with their maths homework? I am. By doing this we are saying to our daughters and sons that women are not good at maths. And that’s just[…]

Twitter Flask

11 Australian BioTechs on Twitter worth following

We’ve been promising this list of Australian BioTechs to follow on Twitter for a while. And here it is – our all encompassing list of lists! For those of you who aren’t yet on Twitter, this is a good chance to embrace the platform, sign up, and start following these BioTech accounts. Come say hi[…]


LinkedIn Teaches Biotech a Lesson

What if biotech could learn something from social media start-ups and vice versa? Biotech and ICT are often linked together in terms of start-up categories: small cap technology stocks. Coming from a biotech background usually I’ve been at great pains to distance hard working biotechnology from the frivolous dotcom’s. But now that I’ve researched the[…]

Who Should Man Our Scientific Borders?

Scientific border control – the negotiation of consent | Michelle Gallaher | TEDxMelbourne In this celebrated talk Michelle discusses how in the last 5 years negotiating scientific borders has seen a dramatic shift with the rapid rise of social media engagement delivering the ability for you and I to include our voice in the negotiation[…]

LinkedIn for Convention Networking

LinkedIn is one of your best partnering tools at any convention. This was proven to me again and again at the recent #BIO2014 convention in San Diego. Ditch the card scanners, the wallet bulging with business cards and the scribbled indecipherable notes, your best friend is LinkedIn. This social media tool is lasting, detailed and[…]

Is it just young people who are on social media?

No. Everyone is using social media. LinkedIn is probably the most valuable and widely used biotech social media platform in Australia. A study recently undertaken by the BioMelbourne Network confirmed 94% of all individuals listed as the key contact for member organizations were on LinkedIn. As a platform LinkedIn is targeted towards professionals in business[…]

A funny thing happened on radio in Dubai.

The power of LinkedIn was demonstrated to me a couple of years ago. After speaking on Dubai drive time radio for the first time about the performance of the bio-tech sector in Australia, I was inundated with LinkedIn requests from sheiks and Middle Eastern investors obviously interested in biotechnology investment opportunities. My organization has a[…]