LinkedIn for business

LinkedIn Basics: Company Pages vs Groups

You’ve probably heard about Groups and Company Pages on LinkedIn and wondered when you should use them, how to join and which to follow. LinkedIn is like Facebook for businesses. It is an excellent place to network professionally, to find employees and freelance workers, and to advertise your business. But to put it simply –[…]

LinkedIns Australian membership at 6 million

LinkedIn Basics: Personal Pages vs Company Pages

Let’s talk about your Personal Page on LinkedIn and when, how, and why you set up a Company Page. Personal Pages The long and the short of it is you need to have a Personal Page to have a Company page. So let’s start here. You need to have a Personal Page first, so that[…]

Girls and STEM: let’s ban the phrase ‘I suck at maths’

Are you sometimes guilty of saying ‘Go ask your Dad, he’s better at maths than me’, when your daughter or son comes to you and asks for help with their maths homework? I am. By doing this we are saying to our daughters and sons that women are not good at maths. And that’s just[…]