Michelle Gallaher on stage at TEDxMelbourne

TED Talks, Lucky Knickers and Big Leaps

Late last year I embarked on one of the biggest challenges of my personal life and professional career – getting on stage and delivering a TED talk. I’ve recently been reflecting on that experience and it’s been getting me thinking again about leaps, truth, trust and negotiation. I’ve always believed in practising what you preach[…]

Twitter Flask

11 Australian BioTechs on Twitter worth following

We’ve been promising this list of Australian BioTechs to follow on Twitter for a while. And here it is – our all encompassing list of lists! For those of you who aren’t yet on Twitter, this is a good chance to embrace the platform, sign up, and start following these BioTech accounts. Come say hi[…]

Your first twitter profile picture. Always.

How do I get more Twitter Followers?

‘How do I get more followers?’ If there is a competition for the most asked question about social media, this is it. Building a community of value on any social media platform is critical to making sure you achieve your business (or social) objectives. There is nothing sadder than saying something profound when no one[…]