The Third Digital Marketing Revolution

Social media: The third major modern marketing revolution If you are a GenX’er (like me) or a Baby Boomer, you’ll remember the first time you were introduced to email and the World Wide Web. Do you remember when people said – ‘website! Why would I need a website?’ or ‘email! Who would trust that? I[…]

Top 20 Twitter Acronyms & Initialisms

Twitter Speak: A guide to the top 20 twitter acronyms and initialisms I found Twitter a foreign language when I started and it took me a while to pick up on the acronyms and initialisms at play. I was also really worried about saying something stupid or misreading the etiquette. Because you only have 140[…]


LinkedIn Teaches Biotech a Lesson

What if biotech could learn something from social media start-ups and vice versa? Biotech and ICT are often linked together in terms of start-up categories: small cap technology stocks. Coming from a biotech background usually I’ve been at great pains to distance hard working biotechnology from the frivolous dotcom’s. But now that I’ve researched the[…]

Who Should Man Our Scientific Borders?

Scientific border control – the negotiation of consent | Michelle Gallaher | TEDxMelbourne In this celebrated talk Michelle discusses how in the last 5 years negotiating scientific borders has seen a dramatic shift with the rapid rise of social media engagement delivering the ability for you and I to include our voice in the negotiation[…]


3 Tips for Your ‘New You’ LinkedIn Profile in 2015

I’ve been experimenting with LinkedIn since 2009 when a colleague challenged me to best his LinkedIn profile and network. I’ve given away loads of hours of tips and tricks to friends and colleagues helping them to understand LinkedIn and of all the many things you can learn to do on the platform, these are my[…]