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We collect and analyse data across all your social media platforms. We then provide monthly reports outlining activity, influencers opportunities and our recommended strategies.


As well as developing the profiles of each social media platform, we will train your team to look after them. We will also provide media and crisis management every moment of the day.


We are experienced in creative campaign development and management. We will provide concepts to you until you’re as excited as we are. We then manage the creation of the material and publishing of the campaign (over the time period required) to the relevant social media platforms.

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The Social Science is comprised of specialised staff who are passionate about the Australian life sciences, health and innovation technology industries. They set themselves apart from other agencies by sharing industry knowledge and upskilling their clients so they can contribute to their own social media strategies (e.g. writing blogs, tweeting and curating Facebook content). This allows a richer collaborative experience and adds value to their service they offer. The Social Science feel that social media is an underused and undervalued resource in the science sectors and actively promote its use to advance the profile of Australian discoveries, developments and capabilities.
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Creative Director
Healthcare and biotechnology are Michelle’s fields of expertise having worked in biotech start-ups, major teaching hospitals, research organisations and pharmaceutical companies throughout her 20+ year career.
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Michael Avery

Managing Director
Managing Director of The Social Science. He has over 25 years experience in ICT and clean tech organisations. Michael’s special expertise is monitoring and analysis and the platform IT systems involved.
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Aimee Sanderson

Digital Strategy Manager
A knowledgeable digital marketing strategist, specialising in the science and healthcare sector. Aimee has worked in medical research, government and human welfare organisations developing and implementing complex social media campaigns.
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Emma Gallaher

Digital Marketing Manager
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Haley Gyngell

Senior Account Manager
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Maria Katounas

Community Manager
Maria is a copywriter and content creator who primarily works on Facebook and Instagram accounts. Her focus is to discover what a brand needs to convey in order to connect with its audience. Maria studied marketing, and has worked throughout various media and marketing agencies.
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Daniel Kershaw

Specialist Writer
Daniel is a writer and editor with an expertise in blog writing and web copy. He has degree in creative writing and has completed Award School. He has worked both in the agency environment and as a freelancer.
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Medical/Science Writer
Violeta is an experienced project manager, trained communicator and researcher. She has a PhD in the life sciences (Zoology) and has experience in a variety of roles including: research, government science policy development, clinical research as well as science and medical writing.
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Sasha Spelt

Digital Content Coordinator
Sasha is responsible for uploading content to our client’s websites. Sasha studies IT and has worked in tech support and web development roles.
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Senior Office Dog
Pip the dog is experienced in loyalty and companionship, specialising in naps on her bed and begging for food. She has been enjoying walks for many years and posts about her adventures on her Instagram account.

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