Social Media Solutions


Monitoring & Reporting

Our Social Media Solutions for Monitoring & Reporting are our entry level services.  This package is designed for organisations just getting the hang of social media.  You know you should be doing it, you’ve created some social media profiles, but you don’t know what is being said about you online, or how your social media profiles are performing.  This package provides customised monitors of all social media activity on the internet related to your personalised selection criteria.  In addition, detailed analytics are reported for each of your social media profiles, across any platform.   You will receive your report summary emailed daily, weekly or monthly with online access through our reporting portal to detailed analysis.  Your dedicated Reporting Analyst is contactable by phone or email on our business hours help desk, to help with any problems, and consult on report tuning over time to meet your specific requirements.

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Social Media Management

Our Social Media Solutions provide flexible management plans for any social media platforms, building tangible value across any number of channels.  Included in all packages are the full suite of services from our Monitoring & Reporting solution, with the added benefit of monthly analysis and executive summary reporting recommendations for tuning the strategic activity in the following period.   You will have business hours, 5 days a week access to a dedicated Digital Strategy Manager (DSM) who speaks the language of your industry and will work closely with you to plan and implement content solutions to fulfil the strategic objectives agreed in writing.  Your DSM will manage your content creation and publication calendar and approval workflows, will contribute content as per the plan and will meet with you monthly, at a minimum, to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals.

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Campaigns & Projects

Our Social Media Solutions include tailorable add ons to your Social Media Management package for just about any communication objective you can think of, from public relations, corporate compliance or sales & marketing campaigns right up to full outsourcing of management of your corporate communications across every digital platform 24/7.  Our Campaign and Project services for Social Media Solutions include:

  • Investor Relations
  • Compliance Risk Management
  • Newsletter content creation and publication
  • Website build or migration project management
  • Website content creation and publication
  • Website maintenance
  • Social Media Content Creation and Publication Resource Plans
  • Social Media Marketing Campaign Management
  • Social Media Sales Campaign Management

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